Mostly produced (upcycled) from waste industrial materials, with a color tranquility creating almost a monochromatic effect, after previous works - evocative of three dimensional town plans, or sometimes sections- new works of Gökte Tunç exhibited at Gallery G-Art display once more the effects of spatiality.

The three dimensional objects generate optical illusions by means of their assemblage and the material used, incorporating the viewers vision in the playful relationship of their simple geometric forms; and they stand open to a wide spectrum of connotations ranging from universal knowledge to personal memory.

Togetherness of diverse objects, using the same language, leaves the viewer amidst of an order -or chaos- established in a planet other than the Earth. In fact “transparent eyes” creating the illusion of an embedded viewfinder, draw the line of an uncanny space and cause the viewer to feel himself under surveillance.

This exhibition - successful in steering, even creating a perception by virtue of the visual and beyond-visual depth established between the plain and the complicated- is above and beyond consisting of single aesthetical objects, and the exposition presents us with the opportunity of an holistic experimentation in between two universes mastered by metaphysics and hi-tech.

Murat Tabanlıoğlu